10 de fevereiro de 2014

Relax: The Genius of Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti, Vol. 5

From the late 70s to the mid-80s the Brazilian duo of Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti wrote, performed on, arranged and produced dozens of hit songs for a variety of artists, from washed out has-beens to go-getter up-and-comers to established superstars. Their style was unique and became the symbol of an era until a huge critical backlash deemed it as too formulaic and aloof and drove it to oblivion. This fifth and final mix dedicated to the duo has the following tracklist:

Painel de Controle “Relax”
Jon Hiseman, Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti “A Night in the Sun”
Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti “No Bom Sentido”
Diana Pequeno “Um Rosto Original”
Elis Regina “A Banca do Distinto”
Gal Costa “Meu Bem, Meu Mal”
Marilia Barbosa “Olha”
Caetano Veloso “Você é Linda”
Wanderléa “Facho de Luz”
Olívia Byington “Anjo Vadio”
Tania Alves “Eu Quero O Absurdo”
Marcio Montarroyos “Christina”
Chico Batera “Lili”

Cover: a cast shot from the telenovela "Água Viva" featuring Glória Pires, Ângela Leal, Isabela Garcia, Maria Padilha and Jorge Fernando, 1980; the European release of its soundtrack featured Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti's 'Eva'

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